• Groundnut Oil (Cold Pressed)

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      Authentic Cold Pressed groundnut oil to retain nutrients and flavor otherwise destroyed by heat in refined oil extraction. Our oil extraction is done traditionally in a temperature controlled setting using high-quality Groundnut. Doctors recommendation nowadays are cold pressed filtered Groundnut oil. The fatty acid bonds in the Groundnut don't get destroyed, keeping its heart-protecting abilities intact, along with vitamins and minerals. Prevents cancer, lowers blood pressure, avoid wrinkles, blemishes and other signs of Premature aging. Also, adds flavor to our food prepared. Consume less oil for high health benefits. Avoid deep frying.


    Oil extraction

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      Cold Pressed oil is produced by use of a hydraulic press. This is an ancient
      method and yields the best quality oil. These oils are the closest possible to the natural state, therefore have the most color, odor and flavor and are most nutritious.
      These oils are of higher quality because temperature during the processing does not-rise to a level that could be detrimental to the ingredients and cause loss of nutrients in seeds and nuts.
      While heat is necessarily released during the pressing process, the temperature may not exceed 49 °C (120 °F) in order for the oil to be designated as cold pressed. Oils extracted in this way retain their color, genuine flavor, aroma, and nutrients.


    • Only seeds and nuts with high oil content are suitable for cold pressing.
    • It is recommended to use ingredients with no more than 10% humidity since water prevents optimum results in the pressing process. One solution for more humid ingredients is to toast them or to dry them in the oven for 30 minutes.
    • Fresh cold pressed oil takes a while to clear. Foam on the surface immediately after pressing is a normal occurrence.
    • Oil content in seeds and nuts varies from 25 to 50 percent.
    • Amount of oil extracted with pressing depends on the ingredients, humidity, and pressing speed.
    • Cake is the dry residue from seeds and nuts after pressing. It is a useful dietary supplement. It can be combined with dried fruit and yogurt, or it can be used for making pastry.
    • Cold pressed oil should be stored in tinted bottles at a temperature below 20 °C

    Recommended doses of cold pressed oil consumption
    Adult – 4 tablespoons, kids – 5 tablespoons, an adult under-weight reduction process – 3 tablespoons and heart patients and aged adults – 2 tablespoons.

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      Happy in quick delivery and quality. Thanks and please maintain the same quality and quick delivery

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